NASA’s Space Probe Spotted Huge Herds of Extraterrestrial Animals on Mars

NASA’s Space Probe Spotted Huge Herds of Extraterrestrial Animals on Mars

05/07/2021 0 Por Jonas Estefanski

In case you didn’t know already, experts have already uncovered proof of the fact that Mars might not be the barren wasteland that we believe it to be. For the most part, people are okay with accepting every theory that comes their way but to everyone’s shock and dismay NASA does tend to lie a lot when it comes to its reports.

Take for example this most recent picture that was taken by NASA’s own space probe which showcases the fact that Mars has a thriving ecosystem after all.

That’s right, these pictures were all taken of the Red Planet and as you can all see right here, what appears to be a massive herd of creatures has been spotted on the surface.

Neal Evans, one of the most prominent conspiracy theorists of our generation has stated on multiple occasions that the ecosystem on Mars may very well be very similar to our own and that this only further proves this.

This area that you can see in this picture is very similar to our own North Pole but it doesn’t end here.

Evans has also spotted multiple water lines lakes and vegetation on the Red Planet which all showcase the fact that life is currently thriving on Mars as we speak.

He also stated that intelligent life was taken out by a nuclear impact in the past which is why it’s currently regenerating which also might serve as a good reason as to why NASA doesn’t want us visiting the Red Planet anytime soon.